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More Events

Want to know where others who are interested in school safety are gathering to exchange ideas and learn from each other? Check this page often for information about upcoming national and regional events, many featuring presentations by noted experts on school safety.

Campus Emergencies Prevention, Response, and Recovery (MGT-324)
National Center for Biomedical Research and Training
May 31-June 1, 2017
Meridian, Miss.
Free information and registration at

Virtual Tabletop Exercise - Campus Active Shooter (online webinar)
FEMA's Emergency Management Institute
June 6, 7, or 8, 2017 (choose a day)
Free Information and Registration

CaInternational Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators Annual Conference
June 23-27, 2017
Milwaukee, Wis.
Registration at

Critical Decision Making for Complex Coordinated Attacks (PER-335)
National Center for Biomedical Research and Training
June 27-28, 2017
Blackwood, N.J.
Free Information and Registration

National Association of School Safety and Law Enforcement Officials Annual Conference
June 26-30, 2017
Miami, Fla.
Registration at

National Association of School Resource Officers Annual Conference
July 23-28, 2017
Washington, D.C.
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School Safety Advocacy Council Annual Conference
July 24-28, 2017
Las Vegas, Nev.
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Campus Safety Conferences
Campus Safety Magazine
Irving, Texas, June 12-13, 2017
Philadelphia, Penn., July 13-14, 2017
Long Beach, Calif., July 31-Aug. 1, 2017
For information and registration (fee), click here: